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$25 Video Loyalty Credit if they have DIRECTV

Effective 3/2, AT&T will launch AT&T Unlimited ChoiceSM and AT&T Unlimited PlusSM, offering Consumer customers unlimited talk, text and data in the U.S.; with no roaming charges for Mexico and Canada. Options allow customers to select what matters most – flexibility, competitive pricing, data network speeds, and mobile hotspot/tethering capability.

And, it gets better. With AT&T Unlimited PlusSM, customers are eligible to receive a $25 Video Loyalty Credit if they have DIRECTV® along with a 2-year Price Guarantee!

Call to Action:
Take advantage of promoting AT&T Unlimited PlusSM to drive DIRECTV® sales. During the TV sales process share how the customer could qualify for the $25 Video Loyalty Credit (see below for requirements and qualifications). Note: The $25 Video Loyalty Credit will appear on the customers DIRECTV® bill, after requirements and qualification are met and within 2-3 billing cycles.

LSP Dealers can direct customers where to activate new wireless service or change existing service to the new AT&T Unlimited PlusSM plan:

New AT&T wireless service customers can call the dedicated LCP referral line at 866-747-3007
Existing A&T Wireless customers that want to change/migrate to the AT&T Unlimited Plus plan customers will access or myATT app

Showcase wireless plan benefits using the attached brochure while emphasizing the $25 Video loyalty credit to secure your DIRECTV sale

*What I Need to Know to ensure my customer gets the $25 credit:


TV services must be installed, active and maintained to qualify.
Suspended TV services do not qualify.
Discount appears on the customer’s TV bill within 2-3 billing cycles.
Unification is not required to qualify for the $25 Video Loyalty Credit.
Excludes PR/USVI customers, CRU customers and DIRECTV® NOW GO BIG $35 Promotion.

Qualifications criteria on each customer’s account:

A billing address match with the customer’s DIRECTV and Wireless accounts OR
A DIRECTV service address match to an AT&T Wireless billing address: requires last name match OR
A customer is unified with AT&T Wireless and DIRECTV

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions,